We are a New York City Women-owned (WBE Certified) design studio, passionate about effectively transforming your business through strategic design.
What We Do 
– Branding & Marketing Collateral Design
– User Experience 
– User Interface Design
– Monthly Design Support

Through great User Experience (UX design) we focus on creating friendly apps and websites that provide the best experience possible. Our designs are based on research to guarantee highest user satisfaction.
In a fast-paced modern digital world, excellent User Experience and User Interface design is vital for customers to engage with your business. In a sea of information overload, a well-developed User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) will make or break your product. Anything less than an excellent user experience will lead to unhappy customers.
During the UX design phase we create wireframes, which is an outline of a website or application interface, that showcases where the major navigation and content elements will be placed. Later, through User Interface design (UI design), we stylize and visually enhance wireframes incorporating elements such as color, imagery, buttons and menus. Once the design has been tested and approved, prototypes are ready for development. In a nutshell we:

1. Define Strategy & Goals
2. Carry out User Research through online surveys, interviews and persona creations
3. Determine the hierarchy of content also known as Information Architecture
4. Wireframe, creating rough sketches of the site/app to determine how the user will navigate and decide where elements will be placed on the page
5. Prototype, for larger more complex projects we will prepare a prototype that simulates what the site/app will look like without having to code. Prototypes are ideal for pitching to investors or for larger companies wanting to test a new product, saving time and money
6. Development 
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